Mystagogical devotional guide: Lent-Easter

The attached PDF is a devotional guide designed to be used throughout the Lenten and Easter seasons. Initially based on the 28 day guide posted on this site, this revision adds material from many sacramental liturgies and portions of the sermons from the great mystagogues of the 4th century. The themes and readings are designed to integrate well with Sunday worship throughout Lent and Easter, and yet the guide can also be used for Advent and Epiphany or any other time throughout the year.

The guide will eventually accompany the book on which I am currently working, but it is ready for use now for both individual and corporate reflection on our sacramental journey into the body of Christ and our ongoing transformation for his mission in the world.

Dr. Chris

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  1. […] In the early church, baptism was common at Easter, and for this first special week following the celebration of resurrection, the newly baptized, who had just tasted of their first eucharistic meal and had only just taken their place among the faithful of Christ’s church, were engaged in a special week of instruction about what they had experienced. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of their sacramental initiation were remembered and connected to layer upon layer of biblical roots and images as the new Christians were exhorted to live out their new lives in fullness of belief, belonging, and behavior befitting people of the resurrection (for more on this instructions, or mystagogy, see […]

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